Flux poster15 New Bond Street (2nd Floor), Bath, May/June 2017

In a rapidly changing world with accelerating technologies, mass migration and shifting cultural values, we are now more conscious than ever that our experience of the world is in a constant state of flux.

As part of Fringe Arts Bath 2017, Sightlines Projects presented an interdisciplinary exhibition of works by artists who address the reality of change and explore its impact on our relationship with the world through a variety of means, mediums, and approaches.

Some consider ways in which the passage of time can affect the human condition with respect to socio-political, cultural, economic, technological, or evolutionary change, whether by reflecting on the past, critiquing the present or imagining possible futures. Others bring to our attention the constant cycle of transformation that occurs in the natural world and even in matter itself. By exploring and examining this phenomenon in their practice, and experimenting with new processes to push and transform materials and traditional practices, they remind us that the ‘status quo’ is an ephemeral concept.

Featuring: Simon Welch, Xu Zhiwei, Roxanne Jackson, Mathews & Allen, Jo Clements, Ravinder Surah, Lewis Robinson, Patricia McCormack, Evagelia Hagikalfa, Beth Biddiss, Ashley Thomas, Heather Griffin, and Paula Hickey.